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Beginner's Guide

Here are some simple steps that will take you through the preparation, positioning, aiming, and release processes.

  1. Stand with both feet apart on either side of the shooting line.
  2. Ensure that your toes remain in one line, with the sides of your feet facing the middle of the target.
  3. If you are right-handed, grip the bow with your left hand. The left side of your body should face the target. Reverse this if you are left-handed.
  4. Connect the arrow to the bow string.
  5. Place your index finger on the part of the bow string that is above the nock (back part of the arrow that connects to the string).
  6. Place your middle and ring fingers under the nock.
  7. Grab the bow with your thumb pointing towards the target.
  8. Your bow arm should be aligned at around the same height as your shoulders.
  9. Rotate the elbow of your bow arm so that it is positioned out and away from the string.
  10. Pull the string along the bow arm in a straight line.
  11. Once you feel the appropriate tension, use your back strength to hold the weight of the bow.
  12. Aim and shoot!

You might be wondering how professional archers make hitting their targets look so easy. Indeed, having prepared well for the release of the arrow, the next important step to aim. And when it comes to aiming, determining your dominant eye is vital. Not sure which eye to use? Just follow these five steps and you’ll find out!

  1. Obtain a core of a toilet paper roll. The core of a kitchen towel roll will work as well.
  2. Hold it out in front of you, with both your arms extended.
  3. Find an object in front of you and look at it through the roll with both your eyes open.
  4. Close any eye.
  5. The object will move out of your field of vision within the roll if the eye that you close is your dominant eye.
Archery Association of Singapore (AAS)