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2020 WAA Para Archery Webinar

IOC Injury Prevention Program

2020 WAA Para Archery Webinar

Changes to Sports with Prolonged Contact



We are running a series of free motivational and informative e-workshops that will help coaches enhance coaching knowledge and skills in the digital space. Sign up for upcoming sessions on our calendar via the link below, attend and apply for the CCE Training Allowance Grant

Besides these, new courses / workshops are also available on our Course Calendar.

Motivational Monday with Paul and Nicholas Rachmadi, 23 Nov, 10am – 11am

At this session, hear from the father and son team of Paul and Nicholas Rachmadi share their sporting journey as a sport parent and a national triathlete respectively. Coaches can learn how to better partner with parents of their athletes to support and help the athletes realise their potential and ambitions.


Fostering Youth Leadership and Life Skills through Sport, 2 Dec, 9.30am – 11am

Under the right conditions, sport can be an excellent avenue to develop athletes’ life skills such teamwork, work ethic, communication and leadership. What are the key steps and strategies coaches will need to apply in order to do so? Find out more at this e-workshop, conducted by renowned international youth leadership expert – Dr Daniel Gould from Michigan State University!

Badminton Coaching for Autistic Children, 5 Dec, 10am – 11am

With appropriate coaching and guidance, sport can provide a good platform for autistic children to develop themselves. How can coaches impart badminton skills and techniques to autistic children? Learn more from Mr John Soh, a Badminton coach with 20 years of experience coaching special needs children, who will share his insights following his trip to the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Coaching Conference and BWF-Para Badminton World Championships last year.

Sport Resilience Package - Grants for Coaches

The new Sports Resilience Package measures will support two forms of assistance:

1.Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Training Allowance
2.Structured Mentoring Programme


1.Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Training Allowance

Under Continuing Coach Education Training Allowance, coaches who are registered under the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) can receive $10 per hour when they take up courses run by CoachSG, beyond the required Continuing Coach Education hours.

2.Structured Mentoring Programme

Coaches are integral to the development of high performance sports and broad-based community sports participation. Up to 80 selected pairs of Senior, Master Coaches and Coach Developers can participate in CoachSG’s Structured Mentorship Programme. It aims to promote the value and culture of mentoring and supporting coaches in practice, encouraging more coaches to upgrade themselves, and fostering interaction and support amongst coaches. Mentees and mentors can expect to receive $400 and $600 per month respectively under this mentorship programme.

Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 1

Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 1
(Session 1) – 4 August 2020

Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 1
(Session 2) – 4 August 2020

Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 2 (Session 1/3)


Grip & Hooking

Setup & Anchor

Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 2 (Session 2/3)

Bow Arm

Full Draw

String Position on the Nose

Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 2 (Session 3/3)

Aiming & String Position

Bow Direction & Jumping


Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 3 (Session 1/2)


Compound Technique


Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 3 (Session 2/2)


Compound Equipment

Coaching (Training Plan)

Coaching & Technical Seminar Day 4

Sport Psychology Counselling

2016 Rio Preparation


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